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Rotherham, South Yorkshire


Hello and welcome to our website. We are a local history group whose main interest lies in the village (and its surrounding area) that we all call home - Whiston Village, located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK. We aim to document the life of the village; past, present and future; present this information in the form of books, publications, lectures; photographs and videos; and provide advice, support and information to the local community and wider general public in their search for information about Whiston. For more details about the Society's goals, please view the 'About Us' section of our site.

Thank you for taking the time to look around. Please contact us if you would like further advice, support or information on Whiston Village; or if you have any materials or documentation that may help us with our work.

About Whiston:

Whiston is a picturesque village located in South Yorkshire, around 2.5 miles south-east of Rotherham. It has a current population of approximately 5,000 residents (1) and contains a number of listed and historical buildings; several of which have a long and interesting story associated with them. The most significant of these being Whiston Parish Church and the Manorial Barn - the latter is the only such building of its kind in the north of England. In addition, there are a number of pleasant walks around the village; and its surrounding green-belt countryside; plus many public houses, which provide traditional refreshment.

- Next Meeting -

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019; 7.00pm

  • Venue: Whiston Parish Hall: Well Lane, Whiston; Rotherham, S60 4HX.
  • Featuring a talk on 'The Chapel on the Bridge'; Rotherham Town Centre' by Margaret Jackson.
  • Meeting Invite: please click > here < to view and download.
  • Membership fees for 2019 will be payable at the AGM in May 2019; cost of £10.00 per person or couple. Please see the meeting invite for more details.
Chapel on the Bridge
The Chapel on the Bridge, Rotherham Town Centre.

2019 General Meetings

In the first half of 2019, the Society will meet on the following dates:

  • 8th January 2019 a 2.00pm meeting – Mr Tompkin on the “History of the Chesterfield Canal”
  • 5th February 2019 – Mr Sotheran on “Barrows and Bunkers”
  • 5th March 2019 – Mr Peter Hawkridge on “Moorgate”
  • 2nd April 2019 – Margaret Jackson on “The Chapel on the Bridge”
  • 7th May 2019 – Mr McLoughlin on “Signs, Symbols and Secrets”

Please note: The January 2019 meeting will start at 2.00pm.
All meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm in Whiston Parish Hall, Well Lane, Whiston; Rotherham, S60 4HX.
Entry is £2.00 for members and £3.00 for visitors, with under 16s free!!
All are welcome to join us.

Whiston Heritage Society - Key People:
  • Hon. President: Mr D. Dyson
  • Chairman:Mr C. Rivington
  • Mr H. Tompkin
  • Mr K. Pike
  • Mr B. Hartley
  • Mr D. Lowe
  • Mr I. Savage
  • Mrs J. Bradbury
  • Mr M. Hopps