The Society has a display of memorabilia relating to the village; which is on show in the Manorial Barn. This includes various aretfacts with a farming connection as well as some relating to the development of the village. In addition there is the 'Newman' wall display of tools; used particularly in the farming industry from when the Barn itself was part of a working farm. As per the image above, each item is hung from the wall together with a short description in each case. Together with the earlier wall hangings put together by Whiston WI (and already in place in the larger hall of the Barn; they help to create a pleasant atmosphere and backdrop for events such as weddings, wedding receptions, private parties and specific events including the annual Whiston Festival, held each summer.

Wall Hangings

The southern wall of the Manorial Barn features three large wall hangings depicting the life and history of the village. These were created by the 'Whiston Afternoon Women's Institute' from mid-1980s onwards; once the Barn was undergoing renovation. The efforts of several WI members went into making a large, vertical hanging about prominent Whiston buildings such as the Prarish Church and Rectory; the Methodist Church on High Street; the Pharmacy on Turner Lane; and the old Post Office, also on Turner Lane. Having completed this hanging by 1990, work then moved on to making two hozional panels to complement the vetical one. The WI first created a panel showcasing social and leisure activities in Whiston; and then created a second panel about the traditional working lives of villagers. These were completed and installed on the barn wall by 1995; and officially unveiled at a presentation ceremony attended by Mr Dennis Bartholomew - then Chairman of the Barn Committee.

Social and Leisure
Hanging 1
Social and Leisure Activities in Whiston
Whiston Buildings
Hanging 2
Church Wildflowers
Hanging 3
The Parish Church and village wildflowers
Hanging 4
The Millennium Wall Hanging
Hanging 5
Industrial Activities
The Five Wall Hangings on Display in the Manorial Barn



Commemorative Plaques

One of the main goals of the Society was (and remains) to acknowledge the role of current and former infrastructure in the village. So over the last few years, we have installed commemorative plaques at key locations throughout Whiston. This also includes the reposition and reinstallation of an old water trough at the Manorial Barn, dating from when it was used by animals as part of a working farm.

Whiston Tollhouse
The Old Tollhouse, Whiston Crossroads
Mill Sign
Whiston New Corn Mill, Alma Row
blacking factory
The Whiston Blacking Factory, High Street
The Parish Pound, Alma Row
the trough
The Old Water Trough, Manorial Barn
Photographs of four Plaques and one Water Trough commemorating the history of Whiston

We have also installed two further plaques that have not been photographed. One is to be found at the Manorial Barn; attached to the perimeter wall by the main entrance on Chaff Close. The other is attached to the old well on Well Lane to commemorate its role as the primary source of water to the village. It is now located on private property.