We are a local history group whose main interest lies in the village (and its surrounding area) that we all call home - Whiston Village; located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK. We aim to document the life of the village; past, present and future; present this information in the form of books, publications, lectures; photographs and videos; and provide advice, support and information to the local community and wider general public in their search for information about Whiston. For more details about the Society's goals, please view the 'About Us' section of our site.

About Us

The Society was formed in 2004 with the following aims:

  1. To document (in the form of text and photographs) the local area; its events; and the people that have changed life in; as well as the natural appearance of; Whiston village.
  2. To present the data collected in the form of publications and lectures.
  3. To research the history of the village to verify the data collected.
  4. To provide appropriate information and advice to local and national bodies on request.
  5. To help people worldwide in their search for information of the village.
  6. To provide a depository for and display of artefacts and documents that have relevance to the village.
  7. To provide material for local schools and other educational establishments.
  8. To locate and identify local sites of historical significance.

The Society is open to anyone and new members are always welcome. Please follow the 'Contact Us' link (above) for details.

We are always pleased to receive stories and photographs relating to the village. All material will be returned to the provider.

Key People:

  • Hon. President: Mr D. Dyson
  • Chairman: Mr T. Griffin


  • Mrs G. Bradbury
  • Mr M. Hopps
  • Mrs H. Hopps